Friday, June 11, 2010

I love kids

Growing up is not easy. I think people take kids for granted. Like you are young and flexible and can land on your feet in the end. Be strong, don't cry, everything will be all right, chin up, cheer up, don't bother me with that right now. Are these really what we should be saying to them? Shouldn't it be Jesus is always with you. Jesus hurts when you hurt, I hurt when you hurt. God has won and that means that if you have Jesus in your heart you have won. You may not win all the battles, but you will win the war because God has already won. If kids can be taught anything then why are we not teaching them this?

One thing we forget is that kids are smart and pick up on things that we don't want them to. So shouldn't we stop lying to ourselves that we can hide stuff from them? We are just showing kids how to do the same when they come to a point in their lives to chose between going with the truth or with the lie.

Kids are precious. I don't have any of my own yet but I know they are without a doubt. I have met the most kids. I don't ever remember one child I was not impressed by. They are gifts and we should be treating them so.

My request to you is to take time to see what is really up with the kids that surround you. Do they need protection from something or some one? Do they need to laugh? Do they need a hug or a smile? Do they need some love? Can you help with any of these?


  1. Its why my door is always open to my kids friends too. You never know when one of them is in need but doesn't have someone at home to pay attention

  2. Kids ARE precious. As a full-time working mom of two, I have to try hard to remember that when they are being TOO precious. :)